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(1-1) The Service Registering merchant ships under Yemeni flag

MAA provides the service of registering ships under the Yemeni registry. This service is subject to the regulations of Maritime Law no 15 of 1994 and its relevant bylaws and directives, and provided through
MAA Sana’a headquarters and its branches in Aden and Hodeidah according to the following conditions and procedures:

First : Registration Conditions:

  1. Conditions of the Ship Owner:
    • A Ship owner shall be a Yemeni citizen. If there are more than one owner, they all shall
      be of Yemen nationalities,
    • In case the owner is a company, then minimum 51% of the capital must be owned by
      Yemeni(s), or
    • The ship owner is moral person, enjoying the Yemeni nationality according to the
      Yemeni piercing Investment Law irrespective of the nationality of investors and their
      investment rate.
  2. Conditions of the Applied Ship:
    • Ships of more than 20 GRT and less than 500 GRT shall be in compliance with the
      safety standards determined by MAA. This includes wooden and fishing ships.
    • Ship with Gross Tonnage of 500 GRT and more should deliver the flag state certificates
      according to the international requirements as listed in Appendix (2) in addition to the
      list of the approved classifications societies, appendix (1).
    • Ship registering for the first time after launching from the dockyard should deliver
      the building contract and a certificate from the classification society that attended and
      supervised ship’s construction building. In such cases, MAA would issue the flag state
      certificates or authorizes an appropriate authority to issue them on behalf.

Second: Registration Procedures

If the above conditions are met and the Ship owner applied for registering the ship to MAA, then the
following procedures would be followed:

  1. Filling the relevant MAA form By the ship owner of his representative,
  2. The application form is then submitted to one of the registration office at MAA headquarters of Sana’a or to one of its branches. As per law, this application should be submitted within thirty days from the date of owning the ship or the launching date incase of new ships built in Yemen,
    or within thirty days from the date of its entry to a Yemeni port, incase ship was bought or built outside Yemen.
  3. The ship owner should submit all necessary documents in support of the details provided in the application. This includes:
    • certified copy of the company’s establishment contract containing the names and shares of each partners, in case, the owner is a company.
    • The original copy of the sale contract approved as per law.
    • The original deletion certificate from the previous registration accredited from official bodies.
    • The original building certificate approved as per law, incase of new ships. This certificate should state the ship particulars, weights, dimensions, type, name of ship builder, date and place of built and the owning agency.
    • Original copy of the court order, incase an order has been released to transfer the ship to a new owner or through a bidding sale. This court order should be final.
  4. An inspection survey of the subject ship is conducted by MAA personnel to check the details contained in the registration application are correct and in accordance of the relevant conditions, law and international conventions in force. Certain fees for the inspection are required to be paid.
  5. A brief announcement of the application’s data is to be published, through MAA at the expense of the applicant, in two official daily newspaper of wide circulation in Yemen. The announcement
    will invite all those concerned and have any objection to the registration of the subject ship to deliver their objection to MAA within fifteen days from the date of the announcement.
  6. If no objection showed up during the specified period, the ship registration certificate would be issued and delivered to the owner after paying the relevant fees and after obtaining a call sign for the ship.
  7. If any objection was showed up within the specified period, then application would be neglected
    until an agreement is reached or a final court order of that objection issue is reached.
  8. During the fifteen days set for the announcement indicated above, a provisional registration certificate is issued upon payment of relevant fees. MAA would also issue at the request of the owner, a fifteen days navigational license for the ship after ensuring its seaworthiness and after payment of relevant fees.


  1. If none of the documents indicated above is presented, the application for ship registration will be denied.
  2. If some of the ship’s certificates are not presented, MAA may grant the ship a provisional registration certificate for maximum six months. A navigation permit can not be issued unless all required certificates of seaworthiness are presented. If the six months, as maximum, pass before delivering the required certificates then the ship’s provisional registration certificate is considered as cancelled. In that case a deletion certificate would not be issued and an announcement to
    this effect is published at the expense of the applicant, who has paid an equivalent amount in advance as a guarantee to be refunded upon final registration.
  3. The provisional registration certificate does not mean that the ship has been finally registered under the flag state. It merely means that the permanent registration certificate, which is the only evidence of the final registration, is underway of being issued.

Third: Required Fees

No Details Fees Notes
1 Review and registering applications at registration Record Book 300 $ For all ships applying for registration
2 Survey fees 1000$ Survey Fees are not applicable to Ships less than 500 GRT
3 Issue fees for provisional Certificate of registry 0.5 $ per each
gross tonnage
Minimum fees :$500
Maximum fees :$5000
4 Issue fees for Registration Certificate of ships more than 1000 GRT. 1.5 $ per each
gross tonnage
Minimum fees :$500
Maximum fees :$10000
5 Issue fees for Registration Certificate of ships more than 20 GRT and Less
than 1000 GRT.
500 $  
6 Issue fees for Registration Certificate of ships less than 20 GRT. 200 $  


Fourth: Time set for Issuing Registration Certificate

The service is provided within 24 hours after the completion of the mentioned procedures.

Application Forms

No Application Form Name
1- Enquiry for Registry Certificate of Commercial Ship



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