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(2-1) The Service of Issuing a Navigational License for National Ship

MAA offers the service of issuing a navigational license to national ships via MAA branches or the competent directorate at MAA headquarters in Sana’a. Here are the conditions and procedures of this service:

First: Conditions

  1. The ship must be registered at MAA under Yemeni flag.
  2. The ship should be seaworthy as per national and international requirements.


  1. Such navigational license is issued for the first time upon the issuance of the final registration certificate free of charge.
  2. After that the navigational license is to be obtained by the owner/manager annually for certain fees.

Second: Procedures of issuing navigation license in the following years of the registration:

  1. The application form is to be completed by the owner or his representative, according to MAA form attached,
  2. The application should be submitted along with original/accredited copies of the class certificates along with the other certificates and documents that proof the ships readily and seaworthiness,

depending on the ship’s type, tonnage and its operations. The list of certificates required is shown in appendix ( 3 ).

  1. The applicant should record the date of issue, expiry and last inspection of each certificate mentioned in clause (2) above.
  2. MAA personnel then checks and reviews all the submitted documents and makes sure that ship is paying its duly fees as well as inspection and survey fees.
  3. When necessary MAA inspectors might undertake a survey on the ship after payment of the relevant fees to ensure its compliance to the standards set out in the flag state certificates and registration certificate.
  4. Upon the completion of the above procedures and after payment of relevant fees, a navigation license is issued for one calendar year.
  5. A navigation license should be obtained by the owner/ manager on annual basis. An application should be made 30 days prior to the expiry of the preceding one.
  6. The original navigation license shall be kept on board the ship all the time.

Third: Required Fees

No Details Fees Notes
1 Issue fees for navigational
license of ships less than 500 GRT
2 Issue fees for navigational
license of ships of 500 GRT and less than 5000 GRT
$ 500
3 Issue fees for navigational
license of ships more than
5000 GRT
$ 1000

Fourth: Time Set for the Issue of the License

A navigation license is issued within 24 hours following completion of the above procedures

Application Forms

No Application Form Name
1- Application for Navigation License of Registered Ship


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