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(3-1) The Service of Amending Ship’s Registration Information

Among other services, MAA provides the service of amending the registration details of ships under the Yemeni registry. This service is provided via the registration directorate at MAA Headquarters and its branches in Aden and Hodeidah subject to effective rules and regulations in place. Here are the conditions and procedures required:

First: The Conditions

  1. The subject ship is registered at MAA under Yemeni flag,
  2. There exist a reason(s) for amending ship registration details, such as:
  • intention to change the name of the ship,
  • change of the port of registry
  • change of the owner’s address.
  • making any change to the ship.

Second: The procedures :

  1. Filling the MAA application form by the owner or his representative, in view of the ground(s) for which the amendment to the ship registration details is to be made. This application shall be made within thirty days from the date the ground(s) for the amendment have been effected. The MAA form is attached.
  2. The application should be submitted along with the following documents:
  • A copy of the ship registration certificate, and
  • Documents in support of the ground(s) for the amendment.
  1. MAA staff reviews the application and the attached documents, checks their validity and the accuracy of the data contained therein and verifies ship particulars based on the ship register.
  2. Upon completion of the procedures above and payment of the applicable fees, the amendment is made and recorded in the ship register at MAA and shown on the ship registration certificate.

Third: Required Fees

No Details Fees Notes
1 Fees for amending data at ship registry
record book
$ 200 Ships less than 20 GRT are .exempted from fees

Fourth: Time set for Service Provision

The service is provided within 24 hours after the completion of the procedures.

Application Forms

No Application Form Name
1- Enquiry To Change the Name of Registered Ship
2- Enquiry To Change the Owner/Company Adress of A Registered Ship



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