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(1-2) The service of Issuing a Safety Equipment Certificate and Its Record for a National Ship

MAA issues safety equipment certificate for ships of Yemeni flag in accordance with the requirements

of SOLAS Convention. MAA provides this service through its Head Office in Sana’a as well as though

its branch offices according to the following conditions and procedures:

First: Conditions for the Issue of the Certificate

  1. The ship must be registered at MAA under the Yemeni flag.
  2. The ship tonnage must be 500 GRT or more.

Second: Procedures for the Issue of the Certificate       

  1. Filling the relevant MAA application form which is prepared for this purpose.
  2. The application is inspected, verified and compared to the ship register.
  3. A technical survey is to be carried out by MAA inspectors after paying relevant fees.
  4. After receiving the inspection report, the MAA verifies the fitness of the inspected equipment according to the report and in pursuant to the convention requirements.
  5. After the above procedures are completed and fees are paid, the MAA issues a certificate of safety equipment for a period of five-year.
  6. For this certificate to continue being valid, the owner must apply for periodical survey and validation.


  1. This certificate is issued for the first time to Yemeni merchant ship when is new.
  2. An application for a new certificate must be submitted two months prior to the expiry of the previous certificate.
  3. This certificate may be issued by an international and recognized classification society authorized by the MAA.

Third: Fees:           

  • Survey fees: 1500
  • Issuance fees for the certificate : US$100
  • Periodical survey fees (Half period and annual) 500$

Fourth: Deadline for service provision       

Within 24 hours of procedures completion.

Application Forms

No Application Form Name
1- Application for Safety Equipment Certificate of Registered Ship & Its Registered Record
2- Application for Survey of Ship or Its Equipment



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