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(8-2) The Service of Issuing a Certificate of Exemption from an International Marine Convention Requirement of a National Ship

The Maritime Affairs Authority issues a certificate that exempt ships from one of the International Maritime Law requirements through its Head Office in Sana’a as well as through its branch offices according to the following:

First: Conditions for the Issuance of the Certificate       

  1. The subject ship is registered at MAA under the Yemeni flag.
  2. The ship must be supervised by one of the international classification societies that are recognized by Yemen as mentioned in this guide (Annex 1)
  3. The relevant International convention must warrant exemption in one of its articles.
  4. The exemption application must be based on logical and valid justifications.

Second: Procedures for Certificate issuance         

  1. Filling the MAA application form which was prepared for this purpose.
  2. The applicant should list the convention and the requirement which the ship is looking to be exempted as well as the ship classification society. Also the reason and period of exemption required.
  3. The application must be submitted along with a letter from the ship classification society that includes explanation for the ship state as well as reasons justifying the exemption request.
  4. After receiving the request, the MAA may consider issuing an exemption certificate in view of the concerned convention provisions, and makes sure that the exemption would not compromise the ship safety level or be conflicting with the maritime law, its executing bylaws and resolutions or with the provisions of the concerned convention.
  5. When MAA official accepts the issuance of the exemption certificate, and after receiving the required fees, the MAA issues that exemption certificate under the responsibility of the owner for the exemption consequences.
  6. After the exemption certificate is issued, and during the exemption period, the owner must provide the equipment and requirements for which the certificate was issued.


The exemption request submitted by the ship’s owner must be logical and should describe conditions that are out of his control or the nature of the ship’s operation or its structure make it impossible to meet that requirement.

Third: Fees:

Issuance fees ( 300 $ )

Fourth: Deadline for service provision        

Within 24 hours of procedures completion.

Application Forms

No Application Form Name
1- Application for Exemption from one of the Requirement of Registered Ship



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