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(11-2) The Service of Issuing Oil Record Book of a National Ship

The MAA issues oil record books for ships registered under Yemeni flag in accordance with the international convention on preventing marine pollution (MARPOL) and national laws and legislations. This service is provided by the MAA branch offices as well as by the competent directorate at its Head Office in Sana’a as follows:

First: Conditions for the Issue of Oil Record Book           

  1. The ship must be registered at MAA under Yemeni flag.
  2. The ship gross tonnage is 400 GRT and over, in case of cargo ships.
  3. The ship gross tonnage is 150 GRT and over, in case of tankers.

Second: Procedures of Issuing Oil Record Book    

  1. Filling the relevant MAA form which was prepared for this purpose.
  2. The form is submitted to MAA along with the following documents:
    1. A copy of the ship registration.
    2. A copy of the IOPP certificate.
    3. The last oil record.
  3. The application is then addressed by MAA staff along with the submitted documents and the previous one oil record book which must be submitted.


  1. This Record book is issued to a national ship for the first time in case that this ship is new.
  2. The application for a new record book must be submitted before the completion of the one in hand.

Third: Fees:

Oil record book issuance fees: 100 $

Fourth: Deadline for service provision        

Within 24 hours of procedures completion.

Application Forms

No Application Form Name
1- Application for Oil Record Book of Registered Ship


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