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(15-2) The Service of Issuing a Replacement of Worn-out or Lost Certificates

The Maritime Affairs Authority replaces any lost or damaged certificates of a ship through its Head Office and its branch offices in accordance with the law, resolutions and bylaw provisions and according to the following conditions and


First: Conditions for Issuing a Replacement Certificate 

  1. The lost or damaged certificate that is required to be replaced must have been issued by the MAA.
  2. The lost or damaged certificate must have been approved according to official procedures.

Second: Procedures of Issuing a Replacement Certificate

If the above conditions were met, a replacement certificate could obtained through the following procedures:

  1. An application to be submitted stating the required replacement certificate.
  2. The following documents must be attached to the application submitted:
  • A report from the competent agency in Yemen (Ministry of Interior) that prove the owner has lost the certificate in addition to putting an advertisement of the loss on an official daily for two consecutive times in both Arabic and English.
  • A report from the owner stating the date and place of certificate loss. In case it was lost during sailing or at a foreign port, the owner must bring out a report from the Master of the ship describing the date, place and cause of the certificate loss.
  • A written undertaking from the owner stating that the certificate is lost and not withheld by any agency for any reason and that he would take legal responsibility if the contrary is proved. 74 Manual
    1. The above application will be addressed by MAA staff and verify them with the information included in the MAA records.
    2. After paying relevant fees, a replacement certificate is issued, stamped as replacement and submitted to the owner.

Third: Fees:

  • fees 50 $

Fourth: Deadline for service provision        

Within 24 hours of procedures completion.



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