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(1-3) The Service of Issuing Seaman Book for Yemeni Sailors

The Maritime Affairs Authority issues seaman book to Yemeni Seamen through its headquarter office and branch offices in accordance of the pierced national laws and regulations and according to the following conditions and procedures:

First: Conditions for the Issue of the Seaman Book         

  1. The person applying for the seaman book should be Yemeni citizen of age not less than 18 years at the date of submitting the application.
  2. The applicant should have one of the following:
  1. Marine qualification, or
  2. Marine service certificate, or
  • An old seaman book, or
  1. An application from marine agency working outside territorial waters, or
  2. A contract to work at a merchant ship.
    1. The applicant should be physically healthy at the date of submitting the application.

Second: Procedures for the Issue of the Seaman Book  

  1. Filling the relevant MAA application form prepared for this purpose.
  2. The application should be submitted along with the following documents:
  1. The original identification document.
  2. Original document in support of the above conditions.
  3. Two photos (4×6) white background.
    1. The MAA staff check all the submitted documents for authenticity and fulfillment of the requirements.
    2. After paying the necessary fees, Seaman Book would be issued and delivered to the same person.


Seaman Book cannot be issued to crew members of navy ships and other military carriers.

Third: fees  

Seaman Book Issue fees: 20 $

Fourth: Deadline for service provision        

Within 48 hours of procedures completion.

Application Forms

No Application Form Name
1- Application for Seaman Book



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