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(2-3) The Service of Issuing, Recognizing, and Endorsing Marine Competency Certificates and Endorsing Seaman Contracts

The MAA issues the competency certificates to the qualified Yemeni sailors and also gives recognition and endorsement to the marine certificates and seaman work contracts in accordance of STCW 95 convention. This service is provided through MAA headquarter office and its branch offices according to the following conditions and procedures:


  1. Certificates should be issued by Recognized agencies.
  2. For the work contract, it should fulfill the international requirements stated in the conventions.

Procedures for the Issue of the Certificate

  1. Filling the relevant MAA application form prepared for this purpose.
  2. The application should be submitted along with the following documents:
  1. The original identification document.
  2. Documents that prove the applicant has entitled a job at a National ship, for noncitizen.
  3. Valid competency certificate.
  4. Valid physical health certificate.
  5. All marine qualification certificates necessary to determine the type and level of the needed certificate according to the international requirements.
  6. The certificates required for the attainment of the competency certificate.
  7. Three recent photos.
    1. The MAA staff check all the submitted documents for authenticity and fulfillment of the requirements and when necessary may carry out practical test to the applicants.
    2. The application and enclosed documents are studied by MAA staff for consideration.
    3. When the applicant is found fulfilling all the requirements, the required certificate is than issued after paying the relevant fees.
    4. In case of endorsing work contracts, the original contract should be submitted. The International requirements that withhold the rights of the sailor of such contracts should be fulfilled.


For National ships less than 500 GRT and more than 20 GRT, MAA has special criteria to be considered when issuing such certificates.

Third: fees  

  1. Fees of Issuing competency certificate for officers and engineers: 100 $
  2. Fees of endorsing work contracts: 10 $

Fourth: Deadline for service provision        

Within 48 hours of procedures completion.

Application Forms

No Application Form Name
1- Application for Competency Certificate, Recognition Or Endorsement 


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