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(2-4) The Service of Issuance a License for Foreign Merchant Ships to Carry Passengers, etc. in the Yemeni Territorial Waters (Compulsory Service)

MAA offers the service of issuing a navigation license for foreign passenger ships operating between Yemeni ports. It is compulsory for such ships to require this license from the MAA. It is provided, in accordance with the relevant laws, bylaws, directives and regulations in force, at MAA Sana’a headquarters, and its branches in Aden and Hodeidah, subject to the following conditions and procedures:

First : Conditions for License Issuance:        

  1. The ship requiring the license should be registered at another country registry.
  2. The ship requiring the license is seaworthy and safe to navigate as per the local and international requirements.
  3. The ship must be classified under one of the approved class societies in Yemen as listed in appendix (1).
  4. The ship requiring the license is a member of a recognized P&I club.
  5. The ship requiring the license is not older than 35 years at the time of the application.
  6. The ship should have a work contract with a government agency in Yemen.
  7. The availability of necessary documents in case of Tankers.

Second: Procedures for license Issuance:   

  1. An application signed by the owner or his agent in Yemen should be submitted to MAA office.
  2. The application should be submitted with the following documents:
  1. An accredited copy of the ship registration certificate.
  2. A certified copy of the ship agent’s trade license.
  3. An original copy of class certificate.
  4. Original certificate of insurance for civil liability of marine oil pollution.
  5. A certified copy of the ship’s work contract with a Yemeni governmental body.
  6. Original/accredited copies of the ship’s certificates of seaworthiness, depending on the ship’s type, tonnage and length, as shown in Appendix (2).
    1. Date of issue and expiry of each of the ship certificates, and date of the latest survey, shall be indicated in the MAA table form, shown as Appendix (3).
    2. All the documents to be checked by MAA personnel to confirm that the applied ship is fulfilling the license requirements.
    3. After paying the necessary fees, MAA inspectors will arrange a visit to the ship to check its seaworthiness, ensure the validity of certificates and the ship’s compliance with the national and international requirements.
    4. Upon completion of the above procedures and payment of relevant fees, the license is issued for one calendar year.
    5. A provisional permit may be issued in case some of the required certificates are to be expired before one year.

Third: Required Fees      

  • Survey Fees: 1000 $
  • License Issuance Fees: 5000 $

Fourth: Time set Service Provision    

The service is to be accomplished within 24 hours after completing the required procedures.


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