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(4-4) The Service of Issuing a License for Laying Down a Fiber Optic Cable on Seabed and Issuing a Navigational License for the Foreign Ships Carrying out this Process (Compulsory Service)

MAA offers the service of issuing permits for laying a cable within the Yemeni waters and navigational license for foreign ships that are to be used to lay down the fiber optic cable. It is compulsory for such ships to require these licenses from MAA. It is provided, in accordance with the relevant laws, bylaws, directives and regulations in force, at MAA Sana’a headquarters ONLY, subject to the following conditions and procedures:

 First : Conditions for License Issuance:                  

  1. The ship requiring the license for laying down fiber optic cable in Yemen territorial water should be registered at another country.
  2. The ship requiring the license is seaworthy and safe to navigate as per the local and international requirements.
  3. Documents in proof of the contract with the ship or its owning company to carry out these operations.
  4. A copy of the survey license which was issued by MAA.

Second: Procedures for license Issuance:   

  1. An application containing detailed information of the required operations, project’s owning company and the subcontractors involved should be submitted to MAA at least three months before the date of the expected start date of operations.
  2. The application should be submitted along with the following:
  1. Documents in evidence of meeting the above conditions.
  2. List of names and functions of each of the ship’s crew, enclosed by copies of their passports.
  3. Coordinates of the operation areas enclosed by the five colour charts showing the cable line.
  4. Date of the intended date for launching the operations at the territorial waters and the expected date of completion.
  5. Details as to the cable length, the extension of the cable in the Yemeni economic, territorial and international waters, and indication whether there is an agreement with a Yemeni governmental body to lay a branch cable in Yemen, in which case, the following details should be presented:
  • A statement from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology indicating the Ministry’s consent to go on completing the procedures for the branch cable.
  • Determination of the site(s) where the branch cables are to be laid. Besides, there must be an indication to the land equipment to be used and their sources/ suppliers.
    1. The application and the documents submitted thereto are to be checked by MAA personnel to ascertain fulfillment of the license requirements. In case there is an agreement, a notification is given to the applicant at least one month before the operations date in order to have the relevant fees paid and to complete the other procedures.
    2. A number of MAA representative are to be appointed on board the ship. Expenses of their accommodation, transportation and subsistence as well as expenses of reaching and the ship and disembarking are to be born by the ship throughout the operations.

Third: Required Fees is to be calculated according to each case individually according to certain criteria and if there is a branch of the cable at Yemen           

  1. License fees for ships more than 20 GRT and less than 3000GRT: 2000 $ per each ten days of part of it.
  2. License fees for ships more than 3000 GRT : 5000 $ per each ten days or part of it.
  3. License fees for laying a cable are calculated, subject to some certain conditions, depending on each case individually and whether there is a branch cable in Yemen or no.

Fourth: Time set Service Provision    

The license is to be issued within two months after submitting the application.

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