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Maritime Inspection & Ship Registration
As one of the MAA subdivisions, the General Directorate of Maritime Inspection & Ship Registration is assigned with the preparation and implementation of an integrated policy for ship inspection, survey and license issuance based on applicable national and international laws.
The directorate employs well experienced and qualified personnel and develops the experience of its technical staff to be capable of carrying out such duties and ensures best utilization and supervision of their performance.

Duties & Functions
The Directorate is designated to:
⦁ Establish rules and regulations for health and medical services onboard ships.
⦁ Lay down rules of permission and licensing for Yemeni ships.
⦁ Establish, develop and maintain rules for Safety of Yemeni ships.
⦁ Define procedures and instructions pertaining to inspection of Yemeni and foreign ships.
⦁ Develop a system regulating number of crew members and their qualifications according to the ship’s type and size.
⦁ Establish rules regulating number of passengers onboard ship based on its type and size.
⦁ Establish rules for shipping lanes and technical fundamentals of shipping cargo in or onboard ships.
⦁ Prepare regulations and procedures for the work of MAA representatives and Yemen’s consuls abroad, with respect to inspection of Yemeni ships and their documents such as reports and documents.
⦁ Define and implement rules for issuance of authorization to conduct inspection of Yemeni ships.
⦁ Prepare and implement permission system for ships working in the Yemeni waters.
⦁ Create and implement systems for issuing permissions and procedures for ship registration, inspection and determining ships type and place of registry.
⦁ Provide and implement systems and procedures for the issuance, approval and attestation of Yemeni ship documents according to their types in addition to issuing instructions, guidance of processing related to documents required from foreign ships.
⦁ Determine procedures for punitive codes on ships and for inspecting shipmasters, shipping officers and maritime engineers of merchant ships as well as issuance of marine service log books, competence certificates and other relevant documents, in accordance with effective regulations.
⦁ Introduce measures and procedures for seafarers’ work.

The Directorate works in coordination with General Directorate for Maritime Laws & Legal Affairs to prepare and formulate the aforementioned rules and regulations.


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