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Maritime Pilotage & Safety
The Directorate of Maritime Pilotage and Safety is designated to lay the groundwork for an integrated system of maritime pilotage and its requirements in compliance with national and international laws. It is also entrusted with drawing up the rules for towage as well as search and rescue operations outside Yemeni ports and within LNG marine terminals and specialized ports. The directorate is also assigned to identify the qualifications of technical personnel who are required for carrying out such procedures and operations and supervise their performance.
Duties & Functions
⦁ Identify shipping lanes and process procedures for international approval.
⦁ Prepare an integrated technical plan (based on surveys and charts) that comprises the following:
⦁ types of facilities and equipment required for maritime safety such as lighthouses, navigational aids, communication sets, and other equipment;
⦁ identification of such facilities’ installation sites, operation methods, qualification levels of personnel, maintenance and supervision on implementation after their being approved.
⦁ Establish and implement rules to regulate rescue operations, and define roles of concerned parties in such operations and coordination with them in the event of marine incidents to ensure effective rescue of humans.
⦁ Set up a system for investigating marine incidents and validating relevant information forms, documents and reports.
⦁ Regulate procedures of wreck removal and monitor implementation of this operation and handling of such wrecks.
⦁ Set out rules, procedures and duties for salvage of the grounding and potentially sinking ships.
⦁ Constitute rules and procedures carried out by the MAA in respect of:
⦁ regulation of shipping traffic;
⦁ provision of permissible towage and pilotage services; and
⦁ all other operations directly related to the previous services in terms of duties and functions in conformity with the effective laws and international agreements and/or conventions.
⦁ Prepare periodical and regular reports on fulfilled activities and works and submit them to the MAA executive chairman.
The Directorate works in coordination with General Directorate for Maritime Laws & Legal Affairs to prepare and formulate the aforementioned rules and regulations.
Decisions should be made in this respect and issued by the MAA Executive Chairman, Chairman of Board of Directors.

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