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Marine Environment Protection

The Directorate implements its functions and duties within the framework of marine environment protection, in accordance with national and international laws. Within the scope of this framework, it is also tasked with the planning and preparation of procedures for marine environment protection, and the prevention of marine pollution and implementation of actions to be taken for follow-up, assessment of the damage to marine environment as well as determination of liabilities and outstanding compensations, in conformity with relevant reports. As part of its duty, the directorate presents proposals for technical equipment required for the marine environment protection.

Duties & Functions
This directorate is designated to:
Establish rules for marine environment protection from pollution and to secure it against any damage and preserve it for the use of the sea.
Draw up rules for procedures and methods to be followed for combating pollution and preventing any potential damage to the marine environment.
Prepare a plan for technical equipment provided by MAA for combating and preventing potential hazards of any type and also for such equipment which should be available onboard ships and facilities onshore.
Develop a plan for technical systems required for the establishment of waste reception facilities that receive waste material from ships and set up measures for their use and disposal in order to ensure the safety of marine environment.
Create and implement regulations and procedures for inspection and monitoring ships with view to protect marine environment and inspect their documents and records required in accordance with accepted standards.
Prepare a proposal for technical personnel and requirements of their qualification to train employees on different environmental activities.
Study and review all reports related to its duties and functions then prepare and suggest relevant requirements.
Study and share views with regard to operation of marine establishments and waste reception facilities, and monitor compliance levels in accordance with the mechanisms approved by MAA and prepare relevant reports.
Study and analyse pollution accidents and their causes as well as the damage done at the local, regional and international levels and consider means for pollution combat as well as the procedures and precautionary actions required for this purpose. This function also includes ways to enhance MAA work mechanisms and develop its functions for better protection of marine environment.
Study and share views on companies’ contingency plans be they national or foreign that are permitted to explore or exploit marine oil blocks and natural resources and make sure they meet the defined requirements and levels.
Follow up and provide relevant proposals on new, efficient techniques and methods to combat environmental pollution.
Prepare proposals for developing all aspects of marine environment protection in accordance with the most recent rules and measures at local, regional and international levels.
Draw up plans for conducting surveys and/or inspections to recognize locations and types of coral reefs and levels of their growth in Yemeni waters.
Propose a general contingency plan for preventing risks arising from pollution for the prompt response to pollution in coordination with the concerned parties and circulate this plan, after its being approved, to all concerned parties.
Prepare periodical and regular reports on activities and works accomplished by the directorate and submit these reports to the MAA executive chairman.
Implement any duties that are in line with the nature of its work or those are dictated by applicable laws or any duties, functions or tasks assigned by the MAA chairman.

The Directorate works in coordination with General Directorate for Maritime Laws & Legal Affairs to prepare and formulate the aforementioned rules and regulations.

Decisions should be made in this respect and issued by the MAA Executive Chairman, Chairman of Board of Directors.


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